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Answers to Everyday Inquiries


Our goal is to create a space for the yoga community that provides balance, health and wellness to it’s members. Align Yoga’s philosophy is to offer a variety of yoga classes and styles, suitable to all levels and aid in everyone’s yoga journey.


Our classes will be at varying temperatures depending on the class. The benefits of hot yoga are for everyone.

The heat is a tool to increase flexibility by warming the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. It improves range of motion and balance. The heat and humidity of the room detoxes the body through sweating. Our yoga rooms use the latest technology of infrared heat to detox and heal the body from the inside out.

Infrared Heat

Rather than heating volumes of air, infrared heats surface area which makes it more efficient than conventional heating. The heat will help to relax muscles and relieve tension throughout the body and lower stress levels. Consistent practice with infrared heat will improve circulation, decrease joint pain and improve muscle recovery after a hard workout.

Your Studio

We’ve designed your studio with a few important principles in mind: community, cleanliness, wellness and eco-consciousness. Align Yoga provides it’s community with two yoga studios, clean and comfortable locker rooms, ample parking, Kombucha and juices, wifi access lounge and much more!

Fresh Air

Align Yoga uses a fresh air filtration system, which combines Hepa filters and ultraviolet light to kill 99% of all harmful bacteria. We make it a priority to have our studio smelling fresh and staying clean.


Our flooring is made from recycled materials, it is smell resistant, and anti-microbial.


Our goal is to provide you a clean and comfortable area to shower, change and get ready for your day or night. Our changing rooms have clean showers and a locker area to keep your items safe.


For your nutritional needs and healthy lifestyle goals, you will have the opportunity to grab a kombucha, juice or sparkling water and small bite to complement your yoga practice. We also have a refillable water station for our community.

Studio Hours

The studio will be open 30 minutes before class. In order to keep the bathrooms, yoga rooms and lobby completely clean, please finish dressing by 30 minutes after class so we can clean before the next class starts.

Grooming and Cleanliness

Please do not wear perfume or strong scents. Please clean up after yourself. Use laundry bins located throughout the studio for mats and towels. Recycling bins are available for plastic bottles.

Cell Phones

Absolutely no cell phones allowed in yoga rooms. Only texts and emails allowed in locker rooms. Feel free to have phone conversations outside or in the lobby area. Our goal is to create a space free of outside interference and foster a yoga community inside our studio. Thanks for understanding.


– Students must sign in at front desk before starting class.

– Doors are locked at the start of each class, no late entry.

– Yoga mats will be used for every class.

– Students must wear appropriate yoga attire.

– Be mindful of long showers, water usage and others waiting to use facilities.

– Lost and Found items will be held for 2 weeks, then donated to charity. We are not responsible for lost items.

– Be mindful of others, their practice and space.

– Have a fun, memorable experience, make friends and come back soon!.

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